'Grit' Released: 5th July, 2015

Grit movie

Grit the movie

Kevin Brown knew how he wanted to record this album as he stood in the dark in Studio B, RCA Victor Studios in Nashville last year, listening to Elvis singing "Love Me Tender". He was standing on the exact spot where The King had recorded it, lights out, surrounded by friends and musicians, playing together.

He gathered friends around him like Andy Fairweather Low and Paul Beavis, Tony Cousins and Bob Dixon, Bronwen Lewis and Deni Bonet and the great friends and musicians he tours with throughout the year. For five days they holed up in the beautiful Distillery Studios in Wiltshire and played together in one room, with Kevin singing and playing every track live. Engineer Matt Taitt captured them via 16 track tape through Frank Sinatra’s home studio valve mixing desk. Keeping the spirit of the sessions, Neville Farmer produced the album with a minimum of overdubs and in very few takes to keep the vibe. There were no click tracks and lots of spill between mics. It was not about clinical accuracy; it was all about feel.

The songs Kevin wrote for Grit told his story and other tales that fascinated him: about surviving illness (Doctor Doctor), about his daughter’s love (Look At You Now), about feeling alive again (I Don’t Care Any More), about his lost hero (The Ballad Of JJ Cale) about the men from his home town, Preston who died at the Alamo (Lancashire Blood on a Texas Floor).

And the whole album cooks. As Mark Knopfler said, "Kevin’s far, far more than your average slide player." And having such great camaraderie and musicianship around him made him rise to the occasion, playing acoustic, electric, lap steel and tin can guitars and singing better than ever. As Son House told him, "Understand the song, then put the slide on top." and "Make the rhythm match the song." So he did.

As Andy Fairweather Low wrote when he got home, exhausted, from the session, "Fabulous job. It’s not just about the day. It’s about the whole thing and making it happen ...wanted to say thank you...a bag full of great memories."

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